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Blood Orange Winter Salad

Cut Blood Oranges on

  Over on the Kitchenthusiast blog this month, I’m sharing a recipe using one of the prettiest members of the citrus fruit family, blood oranges.  Despite the gory name, I have to admit that I’m a little obsessed with blood oranges. Once you have a taste you’ll see why. With more than a day’s worth of Vitamin
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A Green Smoothie You’ll Love

Green Smoothie

Taste This: Banana Almond Green Smoothie If you like bananas and almonds you will love this cool, creamy green smoothie. As you’ll see in the recipe, this smoothie gets its green color from a heaping helping of raw kale. Kale is a hearty, leafy green chock full of fiber, calcium, magnesium and more than a day’s worth
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