My Stitch Fix Review

Stitch Fix Review Welcome Card

Here’s my honest review of my first experience with Stitch Fix! Disclosure: I received a credit to try Stitch Fix as a result of this promotion. By posting this review I am entering a contest sponsored by Stitch Fix and am eligible to win a prize. I was not compensated for my time. This post
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A Refreshing Spring Brunch at the Cook’s Warehouse

Appetizers Spring Bloggers Brunch

A couple weeks ago, I was invited to attend the Cook’s Warehouse Spring Blogger’s Brunch. I immediately RSVP’d yes because Cook’s Warehouse is one of my favorite places in the city and I looked forward to meeting some local bloggers too. I’ve taken cooking classes there, volunteered and it’s my go-to brick and mortar kitchen
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Recent Media Post Title

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A Cold Start

I hope you had a nice break for the holidays and 2014 is off to a healthy start.  I am fighting a cold (and winning)… and staying out of the polar vortex sweeping the country. It’s so cold. I don’t like it one bit. Despite the stuffy start, I look forward to great things to
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Summer of Healthy Eating: Week One

Week One: Add fresh fruit to salads. Fresh peaches, pineapple, juicy strawberries and grapes are all great for the summer. These fruits add flavor and moisture to the salad eliminating the need to douse your otherwise healthy meal with high calorie dressing.  For even more flavor, grill the fruit before adding to your salad. Try
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