Pumpkin Spice Overload? I Got You Covered!

Have you reached pumpkin and pumpkin spice overload? Me too! Change up your coffee fla

Coffee - Pumpkin Spice Latte

If you’ve had your last pumpkin spice latte, I’m here to help. In my latest US News post, I’m sharing 10 ways to flavor your coffee that don’t include pumpkin spice anything.

Now I’m not a pumpkin hater. I actually like pumpkin. It’s nutritious and delicious in sweet and savory dishes. I mean have you had pumpkin ravioli? Or pumpkin soup? Good stuff. However, I think the U.S. is on pumpkin overload and ignoring many of the other great fall flavors out there… like maple, sweet potatoes and pumpkin’s underrated cousin delicata squash.

I digress. If you’re a coffee drinker or warm milk lover check out my post for some flavor ideas to help you switch it up this fall. And I’d love to hear from you. How do you flavor your warm beverages?

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