Food Industry Consulting

Never fear the upcoming changes in food and nutrition labeling requirements. This is an opportunity for your company to innovate and possibly attract new customers.

Marisa can help your company make health and wellness a corporate competency or simply introduce the idea. She has experience working on health and wellness issues from a business point of view and brings in critical subject matter expertise to find the best solution for your health and wellness projects and goals. Another plus is that she has worked with chefs, food vendors, marketers, food scientists, brand managers, nutritionists, researchers and chief executives in this arena.

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Hire Marisa for…

  • Recipe and nutrient analysis
  • Food and nutrition labeling
  • Cookbook recipe analysis
  • Menu development
  • Recipe development and testing
    (taste panels, product development, etc.)
  • Integrated food and nutrition marketing communications platform
  • Food and labor cost analysis
  • Market and competitive analysis
  • Development of health and wellness strategy, policies and narratives
  • Staff education and training
    (food safety, labeling regulations, quality control)


Recipe and nutrient analysis

Nutrient analysis and labeling services are available for restaurants, food manufacturers, cookbook writers, caterers and personal chefs among others.

Recipe and nutrient analysis is more than simply entering ingredients into a software application and hitting enter; it requires knowledge of the cooking, preparation and handling processes. We use ESHA’s nutrition analysis software, which provides a robust ingredient database, the capability to create FDA-approved nutrition facts panels and more.

Care is taken to conduct the most accurate analysis possible. A detailed assessment of your menu of ingredients, content and preparation is completed after discussions with the staff, manufacturers and on-site visits as needed. Changes during processing and cooking are also accounted for during the analysis.

Food and nutrition labeling

Results of your nutrient analysis can be used on menu boards, online or in-store education materials and to create Nutrition Facts panels for packaged foods or your company’s nutrition facts book. We can also interpret the results for use on menu labeling or FDA compliant health and nutrient claims.

We can also help you navigate the relevant parts of the Health Care Reform Act which requires certain restaurant chains and packaged food providers to provide nutrition information.

Let us help you:

  • Comply with menu labeling legislation
  • Identify, develop and promote healthful options for health-conscious customers
  • Highlight and identify menu options for those with special diets or allergies
  • Stay abreast of food and health trends

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Cookbook recipe analysis

Whether you’re creating a new cookbook or need nutrition analysis for your website or media story, we can help. Including nutrition information for recipes is a great way to differentiate yourself from other writers and attract health-conscious readers. It’s an essential component to any health-focused publication to gain the trust of the home cook or the health professional that may refer clients your way.

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