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Anti-Infllamatory Diet
CNN / Accent Health, July 2015

Healthy Summer Recipes
Fox 5 Atlanta, July 2015

Groceries for Lactose Intolerance

Eat Well While Traveling
CNN, June 2014

Walmart to offer low-cost organic products
NBC News, April 2014

Winter Whites are in!
CNN, January 2014

Thanksgiving Nutrition Superstars
Fox 5 Atlanta, November 2013

Crazy for Chia
CNN, October 2013

Tailgating Food Safety
CNN, September 2013

Summer Produce
CNN, June 2013

Food Journalling for Weight Loss
CNN, February 2013

What to Eat to Keep Hunger at Bay
CNN, January 2013

Smart Ways to Lose Weight
CNN, June 2012

Eating Smart for Swimsuit Season
CNN, May 2012

Understanding Food Labels
CNN, March 2012

Resolution Update: Still on Track?
CNN, February 2012

Diet Changes to Keep You Healthy
Good Day Atlanta, January 2012

Healthier Comfort Food
CNN, January 2012

How Long Can Food be Kept Safely
Fox 5 Atlanta, August 2011


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Bottom Line Health Advice: Experts Sort Through Confusing Messages…
Woman’s Day, May 2015

Yes, Sipping Red Wine Can Be Good for You
Atlanta Magazine, January 2015

Forget Dinner. It’s Always Snack Time in America
Wall Street Journal, July 2014

Beyond meat: Americans preoccupied with protein
Wall Street Journal, May 2012

A Closer Look at Functional Beverages
AI InSite, May 2012

Velveeta Shows Its Sizzle Against Hamburger Helper
Wall Street Journal, December 2011

How to stay healthy in December
Washington Post, December 2011

Healthy Fork in the Road
Chicago Tribune, September 2011

Have pizza, but without the guilt, September 2011

As Clear as Mud? Sorting Through Vegetable Oils
Chicago Tribune, July 2011

As snacking grows across U.S., how to keep yours in check
Washington Post, July 2011

Your Road Map to the 2011 Dietary Guidelines
Eating Well Magazine, May/June 2011

Nutrition Labels: Read the Fine Print!
Women’s Health Magazine, April 2011

Once a Villain, Coconut Oil Charms the Health Food World
New York Times, March 2011

Food for thought: Why are restaurant portions so big?
Toledo Blade, March 2011

7 Secretly Unhealthy Foods
Real Simple, October 2010

Incorporating Bread Into a Weight Loss Diet
Washington Post, October 2010

Coconut Water May Be the Latest Fad
AJC, September 2010

Seven Solo Meals Worth Making
September 2010

Why Calories Shouldn’t Be a Guessing Game
AJC, September 2010

A More Healthful Mayonnaise? Maybe
Washington Post, July 2010

5 Fit Tips for Trips
SHAPE, June 2010

The Truth about Superfoods
Cooking Light, May 2010

Healthy Eating: Learn to Plan Diet Yourself
AJC, March 2010

Just Dessert: Fat-free Chocolate Cheesecake
Fitness Magazine, March 2010

5 Steps to a Healthy Heart
Women’s Health Magazine, January 2010

Set Realistic Goals to Lose Weight
AJC, December 2009

Savvy Secrets from Diet Divas…
AJC, December 2009

Nuts Get an Image Boost
AJC, November 2009

Not Eating Your Veggies? It’s no joke.
USA Today, October 2009

How to Snack Smarter
Real Simple, August 2009

Sweet Talk: Get the Facts About Sugar
Fitness Magazine, May 2009

On the Cheap: Cutting Back on Cost, Not Nutrition
Not Nutrition Chattanooga Times Free Press, April 2009

“5-Minute Immunity Boosters”
SHAPE, January 2009

“Food Cures That Add Up”
Prevention, January 2009

“Cooking for One?”
Washington Post, November 2008

“The Lunch You Should be Eating”
SHAPE, September 2008

“Nix Your Worst 3 Habits”
SHAPE, September 2008

“5 Fit Tips for Trips”
SHAPE, August 2008

“MAC Is Back”
Publix Greenwise Market Magazine, August 2008

“Eat Healthy at the Ballpark and Beyond”
SHAPE, July 2008

“Simple Food Makeovers”
Runner’s World, March 2008

“Real Man’s Guide to Holiday Eating”
Atlanta Sports and Fitness Magazine, November 2007

“Stay Slim and Healthy For Life”
SHAPE, August 2007

“Up Close and Edible: Apples”
Newsweek, June 2007

“Trans Fat Freedom”
Seafood Business Magazine, June 2007

“Bites of Information”
San Diego Union Tribune, May 2007

“Sweet on Strawberries”
Publix Greenwise Market Magazine, March 2007

“In Portion Control, Size Matters But Content Rules”
DOC News Diabetes Journal, January 2007

“Restaurant Revolution”
Women’s Health, November 2006


9 Secrets for Quick Snacks for When You Don’t Have Time to Eat
Huffington Post, July 2015

Diet Experts Share Top Tips for Losing Weight on Weekends
Eat This, Not That, March 2015

Lemon Water: The (Somewhat) Bitter Truth
SafeBee, April 2015

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Yes, Caffeine Withdrawal is a Real Thing, January 2015

Avoid these 6 Things to Indulge Mindfully During the Holidays, December 2014

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Saturated Fat: Is It Really That Bad for You?
Daily Burn, May 2014

Nutrition Experts Reveal Their Favorite Things to Eat for Breakfast
Business Insider, March 2014

The Best High-Fiber Foods for Lower Cholesterol
Everyday Health, March 2014

9 ways to keep it healthy when eating out, January 2013

Boost Your Metabolism in One Minute
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Is Sugar as Addictive as Cocaine? Here’s How to Cut Back!
iVillage, April 2012

8 Reasons to Take a Water Break
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The Best Piece of Weight Loss Advice Ever
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The TLC Diet
Everyday Health, March 2012

Trying to Lose Weight? 50 Delicious (and Healthy) Foods and Drinks That Fill You Up!
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Marisa Moore’s Pantry Makeover Tips For Healthy Eating In 2012
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7 Healthy Take-Out Meal Ideas
Fitbie, January 2012

The Laziest Ways to Lose Weight
Fitbie, January 2012

10 Life-Sustaining Reasons to Drink Green Tea
Everyday Health, January 2012

7 Healthy Foods, Sweet as Candy
Fitbie, October 2011

5 Healthier TV Snacks, September 2011

Primer on heart-healthy omega 3 fatty acids
St. Petersburg Times, August 2011

One Healthy Food, 3 Different Ways
Fitbie (MSN), July 2011

Plate Icon to Guide Americans to Healthier Eating, June 2011

Forget the Food Pyramid — a New Symbol Is Set to Take Its Place, June 2011

Break Your Sugar Addiction
Charge For Good Health Online, June 2011

6 Ways to Spot Sneaky Sugars, May 2011

Whole White Wheat Flour: Tasty and Nutritious, June 2011

Five food combos to power up your diet
espnW, May 2011

Serving Sizes Confuse Shoppers
Consumer Reports Health, February 2011

“Healthy” Snacks That Are Actually Bad For You
AOL Health, January 2011

9 Surprising Foods That May Increase Cholesterol, January 2011

Surprising Foods That Boost the Immune System, January 2011

6 Ways You’re Sabotaging Your Weight Loss, December 2010

Turkey Skin: More Good Fat Than Bad
CNN Health, November 2010

Dieting? Why You Should Ditch the Diet Soda, October 2010

Is Black Rice the New Brown?, August 2010

The 3 Day Diet, July 2010

Stop Smoking and Stay Skinny, June 2010

Normal Weight Obese: How Thin Can Still Be Fat, January 2010

Eating Alone, December 2009

How to Cheat on Your Diet and Still Lose Weight
WebMD, October 2009

Chillax Already!, June 2009

5 Most Fattening Foods Ever
WebMD, June 2009

Eggs Bad? Multigrain Bread Good? Experts Debunk Popular Food Myths
NY Daily News, June 2009

America’s Healthiest Fast Food Restaurants, December 2008

“The Special K Challenge”
Web MD, February 2009

“Food and Fortune in the New Year”
RDs Weigh In Blog, December 2008

“How to Feel Fuller Faster”
Everyday Health, December 2008

“Keeping a Healthy Holiday Balance”
HealthDay, November 2008

“10 Best Cooking Oils”
dLife, October 2008

“Poll Finds We’re Pleased with Our Diet”
USA Today Fitness and Nutrition Blog, October 2008

“MYTH BUSTER: For A Healthy Heart Avoid All Fat”
AARP Bulletin, October 2008

“Does Fear of Regaining Weight Keep You From Losing?”
WebMD, September 2008

“10 Tips to Lose 100 Pounds”
WebMD, September 2008

“Living by the Label”
Observer-Reporter Online, September 2008

“You’re Too Thin and Too Fat”
US News and World Report, April 2008

“Spring’s 10 Most Fattening Foods”
WebMD, March 2008

“Unhealthiest Holiday Cocktails”
Forbes, December 2007

“Is Your Job Making You Fat”
Yahoo HotJobs!, 2007

“Beyond Snack Packs: 22 Healthy Munchies”
WebMD, 2007

“7 Nutrients Your Diet May Be Missing”
WebMD, December 2006

“Tips to Avoid Packing on the Pounds During the Holidays”
ABC Local, December 2006

“Six Foods That May Help Control Blood Sugar”
Web MD, 2006